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where to store healing crystals

Where should I keep my healing crystals?

I have been asked many times the best way to store healing crystals, it is actually a really great question as it shows the customer really does care about their new healing crystal and they want to ensure it has a happy crystal energy and it remains positive and has an uplifting feel.

One of the key things to remember about healing crystals is that they are mainly found deep inside the earth where they have in some cases already survived intense environments and it is in their nature to be tough by how they are often formed.  This means most are very strong and can be happy in some extreme settings.

I love all of my healing crystals and I am drawn to all of the ones I sell in my crystal shop; I only sell crystals that I admire and want the best available for my customers.  I have crystals priced as low as 0.39p.  and they can go up considerably. I believe that healing crystals should be for all and try and have a range for all pockets.

Personally, I keep my crystals both in my shop and at my house in full view because I love having them out and enjoying their beauty. They work beautifully with your energy when they are out on display. Some people, however, may use them for work as crystal healers, and may need to keep their working crystals cleansed and in closed cabinets or boxes, until use.

The only crystal that I choose to keep out of the sun is Amethyst. This lovely crystal comes in colours from an incredible deep purple to almost a light lavender and even pink.  Amethyst will actually fade in natural sunlight so careful positioning is key.  Most other crystals are fine in sunlight but always a good question to ask is “how do I look after my crystals?” when you purchase your healing crystals to ensure you treat your crystals right.  You will find that people will tell you many different ways to store them and cleanse them and it is as much about their personality and affinity with their crystals as it is the crystals energy and structure. 

Be careful with the softer crystals and try to store them on their own, rather than in baskets or bowls with lots of other crystals, as they may rub against the harder crystals, and this could damage their surface. Selenite is one such crystal, as are the polished crystals like rainbow fluorite.

Crystals like to be in the company of all their earthly crystal friends, so you can store crystals that are charged with the same intention together.

Remember that, generally speaking, whatever you do you can’t go to far wrong as it is more about good intention anyway.  (Please keep Amethyst out of sun).

I have another blog about how to cleanse your crystals here 

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