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Number 7 meaning 2023

The year 2023, what does it mean?

Welcome to our new year of 2023! What does this year mean for us?

Last year was a number 6 year, which many people felt, as it was a year of responsibility and a year of making sacrifices for others.

This year is a number 7.

Seven is generally seen as a lucky number. There are 7 days in the week, seven traditional planets and the moon phases last approximately 7 days. There are writings that mention the seven paths to heaven, in ancient Egypt. The bible mentions the seven deadly sins. The seventh month in the Chinese calendar is the “ghost month” when ghosts are reputed to be released.

Seven is a very spiritual number, it connects with spiritual awakening, enlightenment, intuition, knowledge, and growth, as well as spiritual guidance.

It is quite apt then, that the energy of this new year, as a seven, is a year of looking within, a year of reflecting on the past and of planning for the future. Many were already working to release their energy from past relationships, jobs, even their homes, last year. This would be a great start to 2023, having already released what no longer serves. For most of us, it is a year of “work in progress”, getting to know and understand who we are right now and only when we know that, can we advance to understanding what we need and want. 2024, is about taking control, so we can wait for that year, to make big leaps forwards.

For the most part, 2023, will be this intuitive, learning vessel, and we will have many opportunities to look deep within ourselves, society, our jobs, and relationships. Where the year number mirrors our personal year number, this vibration will be strongest. For those with personal year numbers that are not sevens, we will see a softer influence of the 7 energy, but we will still feel the reflective nature of the year, resonating around and within us.

The important message this year is to go with the flow, to try and keep balanced and to free yourself from overwhelming responsibilities (where possible), as freedom is very necessary with the 7 energy. It is a year to guard against forcing issues on others around us, to embrace those we love and respect, and to keep a warm outward reflection. Let’s face it, we all need love, and by softening our stance, counting our blessings, and seeing the positives around and within us, we will conquer that 7 energy, deepen our understanding of ourselves and help us move forward on our paths.