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cleansing crystals blog

How To Cleanse Your Healing Crystals By Penny Alterskye

Healing crystals work with energy. They absorb, store, transmit and transform energy.  As they work with a person's own energy and needs, they will extract any negative/obsolete energy from the person that is no longer needed by them.  This negative energy is stored and needs to be released from the crystal so that the crystal is at its optimum to help you once more. When you buy a crystal from an event, market or shop (on line or physical), you need to cleanse it of any energy that it has picked up from anyone who has handled it. When you purchase from our on line shop Clarity of Sight, the crystal will already be cleansed and charged with Reiki energy (unless otherwise requested)  so it is ready to use straight away.  

How to cleanse your crystals blog by Penny Alterskye

Below are the methods we have found the most useful to use to cleanse your crystals. 

  1. Water Only cleanse crystals that are not friable.  Some crystals do not like water and may become brittle or shrink in size e.g. selenite.  Place the crystal in a bowl of water (you can add some salt to the water) and leave it in the water for as long as you like.  If the crystal is being used on a healing level, I would suggest leaving it soaking for a few hours.  Use your intuition/gut instinct to decide how long, you won't get this wrong!  Then remove from the water, rinse and dry and it is now cleansed.
  2. Sage smudge sticks If you like to use sage smudge sticks to cleanse your home of unwanted energy, you can use these over your crystals too!
  3. Tingsas Strike the tingsas over the crystals with the intention of clearing energy from them.  This and the sage methods are very good for friable crystals.
  4. Soil If you have some crystals that are old and haven't been cleansed for some time, or that you don't feel particularly comfortable with, use this method to bring their energy back to a positive light.  Place a pot of soil on your window sill and bury the crystal/s in the soil.  Leave them in the soil for a month.  Then remove them and use one of the above methods to complete the cleansing process. you should find that their energy is restored and you should feel great using them once more. 

Once you have cleansed your crystal, you are ready to charge it to do whatever work is needed e.g. romance, healing, calm etc. Hold the crystal in your left hand (closest to your heart) and say what you want the crystal to help you with or do for you.  Hold that intention while holding the crystal. If you  are Reiki attuned, you can also charge the crystal using your Reiki energy.

Your crystal is now ready to use or to be given as a gift.  Enjoy it and remember to cleanse it regularly, at least weekly, so that it always brings strong energy your way.

Also have a look at my video for a visual guide.

Love and Light

Penny Alterskye