About Us: A little bit about Penny Alterskye and Clarity of Sight.

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In 2009, Penny Alterskye and her partner Matt started a website called Clarity of Sight. The site initially was designed to offer a range of crystal  and incense products but now sells a variety of New Age and Holistic items including tumbled stones, incense, crystals, angels, dream catchers, angel and tarot cards, Tibetan objects, Buddha’s, jewellery and many other new age and spiritual objects.

As things progressed Matt choose to leave his profession and focus fully on the website, now Clarity of Sight is a small family run online business and continues to supply quality New Age and Holistic crystals, gemstones and tumbled stones whilst delivering a friendly service.  We take great pride in being an online New Age Holistic Shop and always do our best to offer you a wide range of  Holistic crystals, gemstones and tumbled stones.  We can always cleanse and then charge all crystals and gemstones with Reiki before packing and dispatch.

Penny Alterskye : Past

Penny Alterskye has always been interested in everything spiritual.  She was forever searching for fairies as a child. The spirits she saw in her bedroom as a child, frightened her as she did not believe anyone would understand her.

As a child and teenager, she was a daydreamer, spending much of her time locked in fantasy play and allowing her imagination to take over.  Her grandmother was also psychic and knew when events were going to happen.

Penny has many premonitions about situations and the future and often has experiences of déjà vu. She has always felt as if she had walked this earth many times before.  When her mum passed to spirit, she knew the moment she left her body and again had a premonition of returning to work to condolences from colleagues.  Only at her mum's funeral, did she find out that her mum also had a psychic gift, sadly one that was never discussed.  It was not until several months after her mum's passing that she first went to a medium and was then drawn into the world that she now loves, the world of spirit, the link between earth and the Divine.

Her life continued to change at a rapid pace making her reassess her purpose.  Her marriage ended to her childhood sweetheart and she started to search for more meaning from life. She has met with many mediums and psychics along her journey and been involved with many workshops and developments.   She has also  worked on different television channels including:  Psychic World TV, Psychic First and Sky channel 885.

Penny Alterskye : Present

Penny is a fully accredited Doreen Virtue medium and Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader (tm). She also is also a qualified Crystal Healer and Reiki Master/Teacher and an Angel Certified Practitioner through Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly.  She can also be seen working as a medium at Clairvoyant Evenings and events held in Milton Keynes.

She also enjoys giving card readings and teaching others about meditation and using crystals as well as Feng Shui, Angels, Reiki, life paths, spiritual development and helping you to become all you can be.  

Penny believes that life is full of  experiences  and always offers  a wonderful learning curve allowing people to again step outside of their comfort zone and to trust wholeheartedly that spirit, their guides and angels will guide them to where they need to be, both for their own development and to help others.

Penny has just published her first book. It is called "Messages of Love" and is available on Amazon as an e-book which can be opened with any e-book reader: http://amzn.to/1USLmFC Penny also offers Past Life Regression sessions. She is fully qualified and sees clients on a 1 to 1 basis, in a safe environment. These are amazing journeys into your past to find out where you have come from, where you are going and to heal areas of your life where issues have been trapped. Please see details on the Spiritual Development page.