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Reiki Master, Reflexology, Crystal Healing Shop, Milton Keynes

Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Reflexology and Crystal Shop

We now have a crystal healing and Holistic shop that is open for your booked private shopping experience, so when you want to shop for crystals you can browse undisturbed with a timed appointment and no minimum spend.  Please contact us for available times.


Reiki Milton Keynes, Reflexology, Crystals Shop, Incense,

In 2009, Reiki Master Penny Alterskye and her partner Matt started an online new age crystal shop called Clarity of Sight. The idea was to offer a "crystal shop near me" experience for the whole of the UK and not just those who has the benefit of a healing crystal shop near them.  The website initially was designed to offer a range of healing crystals and incense products but now sells a variety of New Age and Holistic items including tumbled stones, incense, healing crystals, angels, dream catchers, tarot cards, Tibetan objects, Buddha’s, jewellery as well as Reiki training, Spiritual courses and workshops.

Penny Alterskye: Present

Penny is a Reiki master teacher, Crystal healer, a fully accredited Doreen Virtue medium and Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader (tm). She is also an Angel Certified Practitioner through Charles Virtue and Tina Marie Daly and a Past life Regression therapist.  Also a member of the Reiki federation, a member of The Association of Reflexologists and CNHC registered or both Reiki and Reflexology. Penny is qualified in Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD).

She is also the first Reiki Master Teacher to offer an Accredited Level 3 Reiki Diploma Practitioner Training Programme in Milton Keynes. The course is accredited by the CNHC and Reiki Federation and is in line with the Reiki National  Occupational Standards 2009 and the CNHC Core Curriculum for Reiki 2017.

Reiki and Reflexology Qualifications

Reiki and Healing Crystals

Penny loves to practice and teach Reiki to others and often has courses for her Reiki training and other workshops in Milton Keynes. When not involved with Reiki Penny also offers Angel card readings, Past life regression and spiritual development and can also be seen working as a Psychic Medium at Clairvoyant Evenings and events held in Milton Keynes.

All the crystals offered for sale have been chosen by Penny and she will Reiki charge and cleanse all crystals before dispatch.

Penny Alterskye: Past

Penny Alterskye has always been interested in everything spiritual and was always collecting tumble stones, crystals and searching for fairies as a child. Starting from a young age she has seen spirits and used to see them in her bedroom which used to frighten her as she did yet understand and was worried that people would not believe her or think she was mistaken.

As a child and teenager, she was a daydreamer, spending much of her time locked in fantasy play and allowing her imagination and subconscious to take over.  Her grandmother also had an impressive collection of tumbled stones and always seemed to know when events were going to happen.

Penny has many premonitions about situations and the future and often has experiences of déjà vu. She has always felt as if she had walked this earth many times before and when her mum passed to spirit, she knew the moment she left her body. Only at her mum's funeral, did Penny find out that her mum also had a psychic gift, sadly one that was never discussed with Penny.  It was not until several months after her mum's passing that she first went to a medium who helped her to understand and embrace and the world that she now loves, the world of spirit, the link between earth and the Divine.