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Healing Crystal Balls

What is a Crystal Ball? How do I use my Crystal Ball?

Crystal Ball definition:  A crystal ball is a divination tool that is used to predict future events.

Most crystal balls you see on television, in the movies and at some events are actually made from glass, (they are generally flawless looking and clear).  If you go to a healing crystal shop you will be able to find many crystal balls made from different healing crystals e.g., amethyst, selenite, quartz.  The natural crystal balls will have marks and flaws inside them often referred to as inclusions.  This makes them unique and is part of the fascination that people have with them.

A crystal ball is a scrying and divination device that uses crystal energy to determine the future, they have been used by mystics and seers since records began to give direction and insight. 

How to use a healing crystal ball

Mostly today people use them in meditation or have them for the properties of the healing crystals they are made from or as a display piece.  They come in a multitude of sizes and the larger ones can command several thousand pounds, although the smaller ones are more popular and can be purchased for much less.

How to choose your crystal ball?

In my opinion choosing a crystal ball is basically the same as buying a healing crystal, be it a crystal tumbled stone or a crystal healing wand.  You have to be drawn to it and ideally be able to hold it and find a connection.  In my crystal shop I always insist that people take their time when choosing new crystals and do not feel rushed.  To help with this all my shopping appointments are booked in advance giving my customers private browsing time which is much more relaxing for them and gives them the opportunity if wished to ask any questions and share knowledge.  What’s interesting about buying healing crystals is that you may not buy the one you think you wanted but will usually get the first one you were drawn to, which is the one you need.

How to use a crystal ball?

There is no right or wrong way to work with a crystal ball, what works for one person may not work for another.  My advice would be to cleanse your crystal ball before using it for the first time.  We offer this for all healing crystals purchased from us, but some people prefer to do it themselves.

You can use it as a healing tool in your Reiki or Complementary therapy business too. 

Find a quiet place, as with most things you need to concentrate and focus in a comfortable and relaxed place.

How to use your healing crystal ball by Penny Alterskye

You can either hold the crystal ball in your hands, or if you prefer you can have it on  stand or a small cushion in front of, or beside you. Focus on emptying your mind. release any thoughts that come into your head, you can go back to them later. Hold the intention in your mind that you are connecting with your crystal ball. Then, notice how you feel. How does your body feel, as you tune into the crystal ball energy? What are you thinking? What new thoughts come to mind. Spend a few minutes writing these down afterwards, so that you don't forget and so that you can work on anything that comes up. If you use a quartz crystal ball, it will open up your third eye and crown and this will in turn bring inspiration and insight. 

If you are interested in learning to use your crystal ball, I teach how to use it in my Angel Classes, as a reading tool, and I also teach how to use it for healing, and for its structure, in my Crystal Reiki certificate course.