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Penny Alterskye: Reiki, Reflexology and Crystal Shop in Milton Keynes

Holistic Insurance

Holistic Practitioner Insurance

Remember, insurance is an investment in your holistic practice and the well-being of your clients. It provides protection, peace of mind, and demonstrates your commitment to professionalism. So, don't overlook the importance of insurance for your holistic treatments.

Penny Alterskye uses insurance provided through Westminster Insurance

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2024 blog

2024 - What does it mean for you?

2024 and what does it mean?

It means now is the time to foster your dreams. 

It means it brings newness, more time to attend,

To all of the desires your heart does intend.

When added together the number makes 8,

But you need to amend it to your own birthdate. 

So, for every different number, the year brings a score.

It tells you what you wish for, what for you is in-store. 

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Number 7 meaning 2023

The year 2023, what does it mean?

Welcome to our new year of 2023! What does this year mean for us?

Last year was a number 6 year, which many people felt, as it was a year of responsibility and a year of making sacrifices for others.

This year is a number 7. Seven is generally seen as a lucky number.

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where to store healing crystals

Where should I keep my healing crystals?

I have been asked many times the best way to store healing crystals, it is actually a really great question as it shows the customer really does care about their new healing crystal and they want to ensure it has a happy crystal energy and it remains positive and has an uplifting feel.

One of the key things to remember about healing crystals is that they are mainly found deep inside the earth where they have in some cases already survived intense environments and it is in their nature to be tough by how they are often formed.  

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Healing Crystal Balls

What is a Crystal Ball? How do I use my Crystal Ball?

Most crystal balls you see on television, in the movies and at some events are actually made from glass, (they are generally flawless looking and clear).  If you go to a healing crystal shop you will be able to find many crystal balls made from different healing crystals e.g., amethyst, selenite, quartz.  The natural crystal balls will have marks and flaws inside them often referred to as inclusions.  This makes them unique and is part of the fascination that people have with them.
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crystals for spiritual stress

Healing Crystals to help with Spiritual Stress

This is my selection of 4 healing crystals that personally chosen for their ability to help with spiritual stress.  These crystals are mookaite, aragonite, celestite and moss agate. They help us find space within this world, so that we can connect with ourselves, on our spiritual journey throughout life.
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Crystals for Physical Stress

Healing Crystals to help with Physical Stress

This is my selection of 4 healing crystals that I feel help with physical stress.  These crystals are Smokey Quartz, Muscovite, Fluorite and Lepidolite.

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crystals to help with mental stress

Healing Crystals to help with Mental Stress

The crystals I am highlighting in this blog, help alleviate mental stress and include amazonite, amethyst, sodalite and blue lace agate. There are of course, many other crystals that can also help with mental stress, below are merely the 4 I like the combined energy of. 
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crystals for emotional stress blog

Healing Crystals to help with Emotional Stress

I am often asked which crystals I would recommend for anyone experiencing stress. There are 4 different types of stress that I will be covering across the next few blogs. All are important and all have recommended crystals that can be used to help support. This first stress blog covers Emotional Stress. 

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What is Crystal Reiki

What is Crystal Reiki?

So, what exactly is Crystal Reiki? Simply put, it is a Reiki session, where crystals and specific crystal grids are added into the Usui Reiki treatment. 
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tumble stones at clarity of sight

Why I love tumbled stones and healing crystals

People often ask me if it makes any difference to the energy of the crystals if they have been tumbled or left rough and in a raw state, and in my opinion, it makes no difference at all.  
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clarity of sight holistic centre and crystal shop

Crystal Shops Near Me - How To Find The Right Healing Crystal Shop for Your Needs

Finding a new crystal shop/spiritual shop to explore is a really exciting activity. Even though I own my business Clarity of Sight, I still love to explore other people’s shops. For me it is about the feel of the shop when you walk in.
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