Terms and Conditions

Clarity of Sight Ltd

At Clarity of Sight Ltd, we believe we try and do every thing that we can possible do to be the best New Age online shop, we offer a range crystals and holistic products chosen to delight and work in harmony with your balanced New Age lifestyle.

All of the stock listed on our website has been chosen for quality and attractiveness. We undertake to ensure that each of our tumble stones, crystals or gemstones are of a suitable standard and will not disappoint the customer.

Stock representation
All of the photographs used to describe our goods are intended to give an accurate representation of the item for sale but are subject to photographic limitations and the differences between computer screens and settings and natural variances. Please note that in some cases, due to the nature of the products sold sizes listed and items shown are a 'typical' sample; size, shape, and colour may vary, but you the customer will always receive an item of the same quality to that pictured.

Important to Note
All information on our site regarding crystals, therapies, readings, hearings, regressions and Reiki including their suggested healing properties and characteristics have been researched from published reference books and from our experience.  We do not accept responsibility or liability for the effectiveness or suitability and usage of these crystals as crystals may have a different effect on different people.  We also do not accept any responsibility or liability of any courses, readings, workshops and healings.  Should you have a medical condition, please consult your own GP or qualified professional as crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment and all contents of this website are deemed as for entertainment purposes only.

Order Placement and Location

We are unable to accept or fulfil any orders either placed outside or that terminate outside of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. This includes international transfers, gifts or money orders.  Any orders found to be in breach of our terms and conditions will be cancelled without liability or notice.

Please ensure that you have read and understood our Shipping and returns section before placing your order.