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Anusha Reiki Healing Session Milton Keynes


Anusha Reiki Healing Session Milton Keynes

Anusha is a new energy healing system. It harnesses the energy from the stars, enabling us to connect within ourselves, draw on our own wisdom and thereby experience peace, calm, stillness and serenity in our lives. It helps us to feel as if we are home.

Anusha is a beautiful form of healing, bringing the recipient to a place of comfort and tranquility. Anusha works with the inherent wisdom that resides within each and every one of us, opening us up to our own truth, drawing on that soul wisdom. 

Anusha is a new-age healing modality, originally channelled by Patsi Hayes and Kate Pike between 2004 and 2008.

It works with the energy of the age of Aquarius emphasising similarity rather than differences, unity and sharing rather than duality and division, as well as harmony and balance.

Every healing session is unique as it caters for the clients specific needs.

The above cost is for a 1 hour Anusha healing session in Milton Keynes by Penny Alterskye.

Anusha treatments take place at our crystal shop and healing centre in 216 Milton Keynes Business Park, Hayley Court, Foxhunter Drive, MK14 6GD.