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Crystals for Physical Stress

Healing Crystals to help with Physical Stress

This is my selection of 4 healing crystals that I feel help with physical stress.  These crystals are Smokey Quartz, Muscovite, Fluorite and Lepidolite.

Crystals to help with physical stress

Smokey quartz crystals powerfully open the Crown Chakra. They induce deep meditation, deep relaxation and loveliness. This stone is linked to assisting with fertility, PMS and reproductive imbalance. It is used to alleviate fear, anxiety and depression. It is an incredibly grounding crystal, releasing negative energy, helping to detox the body, as well as helping with digestive issues. It is reputed to protect the body from radiation.

Muscovite is a very common form of mica. It is a wonderful crystal to work with and works with angels  as well as the high spiritual realms. On a physical healing level, it is said to help control blood sugar, alleviates dehydration, prevent hunger when fasting, helps with insomnia, allergies and health related illnesses emanating from stress and or disease. It is also reputed to aid weight loss.

Fluorite has been found to be helpful with electromagnetic stress by bringing in calming energy to help  stabilise and neutralise the atmosphere. Fluorite also helps to remove any negative behavioural patterns, helps dissolve illusions and reveals truth. On a physical healing level, it helps with infections and disorders and is a powerful healing aid.

Lepidolite is believed to reduce stress, encourage independence and in turn to stimulate the mind. It is known to facilitate positive life changes and to be the best crystal for reducing depression. Lepidolite is believed to aid allergy relief, joint problems and skin issues, to relieve Alzheimer's, exhaustion and epilepsy. It helps with menopause and detoxifies the skin.

The next blog will speak about Spiritual Stress.