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crystals for spiritual stress

Healing Crystals to help with Spiritual Stress

This is my selection of 4 healing crystals that personally chosen for their ability to help with spiritual stress.  These wonderful healing crystals are mookaite, aragonite, celestite and moss agate.

Crystals for Spiritual stress by Penny Alterskye

Mookaite brings us strength, reduces stress and helps us to see the right path that we must follow. It is a protector for travellers, guiding you in your journeys, both physically and spiritually. It has a strong connection to earth, helping is become aware of our surroundings and aiding oneness and being in the current moment. It is a great comforter, for all stresses in life.

I love Aragonite as it looks like a mini universe. It is a grounding stone which encourages conservation and recycling. It is useful for clearing blocked ley lines and for grounding physical energies, reducing stress. It is helpful for discipline and reliability, combating oversensitivity, increasing flexibility and tolerance, restoring spiritual balance.

Celestite, with its angelic connections, helps the bearer to relieve stress so that they can see alternatives, make decisions and get sleep. It is a beautiful stone for meditation as it brings you closer to spirit and to help bring balance.

Moss Agate is a stone that helps us to reduce our stress and to give us a positive attitude so that we can appreciate the world around us. It encourages calm and helps balance our yin and yang. Agates in general, can also help bring out natural abilities, along with spiritual growth.