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crystals to help with mental stress

Healing Crystals to help with Mental Stress

This new blog covers crystals to help with mental stress. Below is our Crystal selection to help with this area.

The crystals I am highlighting include amazonite, amethyst, sodalite and blue lace agate. There are of course, many other crystals that can also help with mental stress, below are merely the 4 that I like the combined energy of. I will highlight each crystal individually. You can carry the crystals with you or wear them, if you prefer. 

1. Amazonite acts as a powerful filter. It blocks geopathic stress, microwaves, computer pollution, mobile emanations. It needs to be placed between you and the source of pollution or taped to a mobile phone. It aligns the physical and etheric body, balances male and female energies, soothes emotional trauma and dispels negative energy. It helps you to see both sides of a situation or problem, enhances intuition and communication.

2. Amethysts were worn by the Greeks centuries ago, to protect them against homesickness, magic and evil thoughts. It is said to be a natural tranquilliser and reduces stress, dispels anger, alleviates sadness and grief.  Also it allows you to calm down so that sleep can begin. 

3. Sodalite is an excellent crystal for the mind. It is said to clear mental confusion while it supports rational thinking.  It is believed to help with insomnia, to help the immune system and to bring inner peace in stressful situations.

4. Blue lace agate is helpful with voicing concerns and communicating your ideas. It builds confidence, brings calm and is a wonderful healing stone. It assists with verbal expression of feelings and counters repressed feelings in terms of fears of rejection and it reduces mental stress.