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Past Life Regression Therapy Session


Past Life Regression Therapy Session with Penny Alterskye

Penny is a qualified Past Life Regression Therapist. Past Life Regression is a therapy that allows a person to access the past life that they currently need to connect with. They will connect with the past life that has the most relevance to the current situation in their present life that will either teach them, unlock information or show them what they need to do in this life in order to make the most of it.

Past life regression therapy involves the client relaxing in a calm environment and a very light form of hypnosis is applied to enable complete relaxation. Past Life Regression Therapy accesses the client's subconscious mind. This is the area of the mind where all memories, thoughts, emotions and deeds are stored away, until they are required. The subconscious is the link to past memories and incarnations and it only deals with truth. During the session, the client is asked a series of questions to help them to understand where they are during the experience. The client controls the session under the guidance of the therapist and together they will work to help the client understand their role in their own life and on their life path.

Past Life Therapy can help on a healing level. It can also helps someone through past trauma, experiences and learnings, unlocking karmic links and removing any past life debts and agreements.

The session will take place in our holistic centre and crystal healing shop in Milton Keynes.  It lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours and a recording will be sent out via email afterwards. You will take handwritten notes home with you after the session.

Please be advised that this is a very popular service and there is currently a waiting time, please confirm availability before booking.