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Fluorite Tumble Stones


Fluorite Tumbled Healing Crystals

Fluorite crystal is useful to balance the mental energies, thus making it good for meditation. It clears the mind of stress and aids sleep. Fluorite works well with the crown and third eye chakras, helping to bring in clarity of thought.

Fluorite works with Archangel Chamuel to help in situations of anxiety and to bring in peace. It works well in times of change and challenge to show you a clear way forwards.

It also has been found to be helpful with electromagnetic stress by bringing in calming energy to help stabilise and neutralise the atmosphere. Fluorite crystal also helps to remove any negative behavioural patterns, helps dissolve illusions and reveals truth. On a healing level, it helps with infections and disorders and is a powerful healing aid.

Size of Small is approximately 1-2 cm, Medium is approximately 2-3 cm. Price is per tumbled stone.