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2024 blog

2024 - What does it mean for you?

2024 and what does it mean?

It means now is the time to foster your dreams. 

It means it brings newness, more time to attend,

To all of the desires your heart does intend.

When added together the number makes 8,

But you need to amend it to your own birthdate. 

So, for every different number, the year brings a score.

It tells you what you wish for, what for you is in-store. 

If your number is one, it brings in its stride, new beginnings to witness, old habits to hide.

If two is your glue, it helps things unwind, but patience is needed as yourself you must find.

For three, there are new friends, social times to enjoy, so pluck up your courage, your charms to deploy.

Number 4 is the answer, you need to stand tall, stay true to convictions, have courage in all.

With 5 comes great wisdom and a need to evolve, it means work and foresight, as the year does unfold.

If yours is a six, then luck is on your side, as life moves ahead, with your eyes open wide.

Only 3 more to go, till all numbers are reached, 7, 8 and 9 draw closer to breach.

Year 7 is there to help you to find your own self in your life, who you are, your own kind.

Year 8 needs you to take charge, to stand your true ground. It reminds you, to make decisions resound. 

Year 9 is the ending that precedes a new path, it encourages you to finish, so your future can start. 

All of these numbers are important to note, they draw in a cycle of learnings and growth. We need each one to complete the 9 years, they help us to focus and work through our fears.

To calculate your year is easy to do, you add the day and month of your birth to the year we are due.

Add the numbers together until there is one. That one shows your year in our journey round the sun. 

Then rejoice in the knowledge that each year brings anew, so where one was a challenge, another shines through.

The energy will change as we forge our next step, it will never be the same, of that you can bet. 

Penny Alterskye