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tumble stones at clarity of sight

Why I love tumbled stones and healing crystals

I have always liked crystals, tumbled stones, and most things shiny, but I also like rough crystals as well.  I like to see the before and aftereffects of when the crystal has been polished/tumbled or when it has just been mined and cleaned up a little.  It is also very interesting to me to see what types of crystals other people prefer, it always used to be tumbled crystals but now there is more of a shift to the more natural rougher pieces.

People often ask me if it makes any difference to the energy of the crystals if they have been tumbled or left rough and in a raw state, and in my opinion, it makes no difference at all.  I always say the right crystal will choose you so go with the ones you are drawn to and take your time.  Purchasing crystals should be a fun experience and there is always something more to learn about their various properties.

Clarity of Sight Crystal Shop Linford Wood

I am lucky to work with a lot of tumble stones and healing crystals and am even luckier to own a crystal shop in Milton Keynes which has a great range of crystals in all forms and sizes.  I love talking to people about crystals and making recommendations about which ones they may like to buy as well as running crystal courses which are ideal for the beginner.

If you are into your healing crystals and are in the area, please book a time to pop in and say hello and have a browse of my wonderful collection. If you live far away and can’t get into our shop, I will gladly arrange a video shopping time for you to sit in the comfort of your own home, with a cup of coffee or tea, chat and select the crystals you want. In this instance, they will be cleansed, Reiki charged and carefully packed before they are posted to you.