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clarity of sight holistic centre and crystal shop

Crystal Shops Near Me - How To Find The Right Healing Crystal Shop for Your Needs

Clarity of Sight Holistic Centre & Crystal Shop

Finding a new crystal shop or crystal spiritual shop near me to explore is a really exciting activity. Even though I own my crystal shop, Clarity of Sight, I still love to explore other people’s healing crystal shops.  For me it is about the feel of the shop when you walk in, as they all feel different.   I do not mean how they look, some look like a designer crystal shop whereas others look like a crystal explosion (mine being somewhere in between).   What I mean by this, is the feeling you get from the crystals themselves!  Some crystal shops have a wonderful welcoming vibe to them, whereas some can feel unwelcoming, and odd.

I put this down to several things. The first being how are the crystals sourced?  Cheapest it not always best as this may mean they are not sourced ethically.  Secondly, how they are being kept and stored? e.g. some crystals prefer not to be in direct sunlight, some are easily scratched and need to be stored carefully.  Does the crystal shop owner have a nice energy about them?  Are they open and helpful? Do they empathise with your situation, can they use their experience and knowledge to make healing crystal suggestions? It is my belief that crystals pick up on the surrounding energies and this can change how they feel and how you feel about them.  It is important that a trip to a crystal shop is both new and exciting, but also comfortable and relaxing.

The healing crystals you buy need to have a good feeling about them and should feel nice when you hold them.  The person selling the crystal should be open and genuine as well as passionate about the crystals they sell, but they also need to be warm and non-judgemental.

A question I always ask my new customers is how they found us, and will they return? I believe it is my job to help the customer get as much as they want to from their holistic shopping experience and if they do not leave happier than when they arrived, I have not done things right.  At Clarity of Sight's Crystal Shop, we only offer booked shopping appointments. This is so people can spend some private time buying their new healing crystals and asking any questions they might have. I do not take a booking fee and I have no minimum spend, I feel that crystals should be available for all budgets, and I offer a wide range at different price points. I particularly enjoy this “shopping” time, as often people share their opinions and ideas which in turn, gives me a wonderful opportunity to learn.  I also only sell items that I personally like, this includes all crystals and tumbled stones but also any incense and other metaphysical treasures.

A few questions to ask yourself about the right Spiritual or Crystal Shop for you.

Does the shop feel open and friendly?

Do the crystals feel happy?

Are the products ethically sourced?

Are the staff enthused and wanting to help?

Do the owners take time to listen to you and are they willing to offer advice if wanted.

My crystal shop can be found at Unit 216 Milton Keynes Business Centre, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes, MK14 6GD.  You are warmly invited to have a browse online or if you prefer you can see a bigger collection in my crystal shop. 

Please remember to book your visit first.