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What is Crystal Reiki

What is Crystal Reiki?

I have worked with Usui Reiki for the past fourteen years and the results my clients and students get, and the personal healing I experience, still amazes me. It is such a beautiful healing modality and one that I would recommend to anyone looking for balance and improvement in their life, health, emotions, relationships, jobs and so much more.

I bought my very first crystal in 2005, after visiting a medium for the first time. I felt the energy of that lapis crystal and I still wear it. My full evolution into working with crystals then happened in 2009. When I was taught Reiki, my Reiki Master, Marcia, used to often add a single crystal onto my heart chakra. I didn’t question it, and I found myself adding an occasional crystal or 3, into some of my treatments. I saw how the crystals merged with the Reiki energy and really helped the client.

So how do these two energies work together? Well, Reiki is a healing energy which works in perfect unison with the energies that I believe crystals have.  If you only know one thing about me is that I absolutely love both healing crystals and Reiki.  Both give me so much joy and when I can work with them together, I really feel the extra benefits.  I also get great feedback from my clients especially the ones who have never tried it before. 

I begin the Crystal Reiki session by asking my client if there is anywhere, they would like me to focus the crystals, e.g., an ailment or area in their life they would like to change or improve, and I adjust my selection to suit.  I also use the crystals to balance the chakras which again works in harmony with Reiki.  I believe that the Reiki energy is turbocharged by the healing crystals, and I can definitely feel the combined effects when working with both.

So, what exactly is Crystal Reiki? Simply put, it is a Reiki session, where crystals and specific crystal grids are added into the treatment. The crystal grids are uniquely designed and created for a specific purpose and intention for each client. The decision on the intention for the grid is a decision that the client and practitioner make together to ensure that the client’s needs are met.

Last year, I decided to train as a Crystal Reiki Master Teacher and to then teach the synergy of Crystal and Reiki energy to my students so that they can start to use this powerful combination. They are really enjoying offering these treatments to their friends, family, and clients and to use in their own lives. It really is a Reiki game changer. They also get to use all the crystals in our shop for their class grid creation, so they get to be very creative and to try different crystal energy combinations too.

There are an incredible number of different crystals available, and I have many hundreds available in my crystal shop in Milton Keynes.  This may also help the crystal Reiki to be so strong as all the crystals in the shop do give a great charge of energy.

If you are interested in experiencing a Crystal Reiki session, or learning how to offer these treatments, please get in touch.