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crystals for emotional stress blog

Healing Crystals to help with Emotional Stress

I am often asked which crystals I would recommend for anyone experiencing stress. There are 4 different types of stress that I will be covering across the next few blogs. All are important and all have recommended healing crystals that can be used to help support.

This first stress blog covers Emotional Stress. Below is our Crystal selection to help with this area.

The crystals I am highlighting include rose quartz, kunzite, quantum quattro and green lace jasper. There are of course, many other crystals that can also help with emotional stress, below are merely the 4 I like the combined energy of.  I will highlight each crystal individually.

crystals for emotional stress

  1. Rose Quartz is said to open your heart to love and relieves heartache. It is believed to influence love and relationships, reduce stress, aid the emotions, creating inner peace. It helps us to honour ourselves, to remember to give us a time-out and to help enhance our self-worth, self-esteem, whilst learning to love ourselves a little more each day.
  2. Kunzite is a spiritual stone with a high vibration. It awakens the heart, unconditional love and radiates peace. It helps dispel negative energy and protects the aura. It encourages self-expression, clears emotional debris, and lifts a person’s mood.
  3. Quantum Quattro is a crystal that includes a number of separate crystal energies and elements, namely: ajoite, shattuckite, chrysocolla and smoky quartz. This is a highly protective crystal which helps balance mind, body, and spirit. It assists with emotional healing, stress reduction and spiritual transformation. It removes negativity and balances the throat, third eye and heart chakras.  It is a crystal of truth and helps alleviate fear and suppressed emotions.
  4. Green lace jasper is known as ‘Supreme Nurturer’. It helps support during times of stress, bringing peace, calm and balance. It helps people to understand that they are here to bring joy and meaning to others. This is a protective and grounding crystal that can be used for astral travel, shamanic journeying and to recall your dreams.Green lace jasper helps balance yin and yang energies and brings courage and honesty. It helps us to take action by transforming our ideas into actions.

My next blog will cover Crystals for Mental Stress.