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how to heal your life by Penny Alterskye

How to Heal Your Life, By Penny Alterskye

When you hear the term healing, what does it mean to you?  Does it fill you with hope and trust or does it make you question the intention from where it came?

I would like to share with you my understanding of the term and how it has helped me in life.

Healing is a very personal thing. It means something different to every single person and their specific needs. In essence, it is about bringing balance back.

penny alterskye blog on healing

Life happens and when it does, situations and people can wreak havoc with our human and spiritual energies.  Our aura, is the energetic extension of our bodies and our souls and this is the protective layer around our physical selves that takes the strain of any energetic disturbance (both physical and emotional). We are beings of balance and to live life at its optimum means to balance mind, body and spirit.  This centres us, grounds us, inspires us and helps us to process human and spirit.  Throughout our bodies are pockets (or chakras) of energy. When these chakras work in unison, energy flows and we feel good, are healthy and we can process thoughts, words and deeds. When a blockage occurs in any of our energy fields, the flow stops, energy stagnates and we can no longer think, sleep, feel.  When this happens, we get tired, depressed, ill and we feel stuck in his world and in this life.

This is when it is time to stop, to ask for help and to bring back the balance and flow of energy that is our life force.  There are many ways to do this. Different ways work for different people, so there is room for everyone. I teach and I offer sessions to help rebalance. I only offer therapies that I have personally experienced as I find this is so much more beneficial to the client. Sharing on someone’s life journey and helping them to take charge of their life is something that is of great importance to me.

Anyone asking for help through Reiki, Crystal Healing, card or mediumship readings, Past Life regression, Reflexology, or Angelic healing is saying they are ready to take responsibility for their own healing. This is the most important part and will guarantee the success of the process.

Once you take control of healing yourself and your life, life begins anew.