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yellow crystal healing energy blog

Yellow Crystal Healing by Penny Alterskye

Yellow is a wonderful colour to start your colour journey.  It is the colour associated with your solar plexus (stomach) which is a place of deep seated emotions and is where we hold our fears.  We feel through our stomachs, think about the saying, “having butterflies in your stomach” or that gut instinct that makes us feel uneasy and worried about doing or saying the wrong thing.  The term “yellow bellied” relates to the stomach too and talks of fear and lack of confidence.

So many people suffer from IBS and other stomach complaints.  Where is this coming from?  Is this related to the above mentioned fears, gut instinct, worry, emotions?  Is there more to it than that?

The best way to help balance this energy is through the use of the colour yellow.  Using yellow crystals like yellow jasper, citrine,  yellow calcite, golden beryl, to name a few, will help calm the emotions, settle the stomach and help bring peace, alleviating fears.

Eat yellow foods too as they will help bring the colour yellow inside so it can bring balance.  Yellow also represents golden life force energy which brings a positive and cheerful outlook on life.  It really is the colour of strength and intelligence.

Working with yellow crystals helps improve digestion, which in turn helps purify the entire system.   Yellow helps with personal power and confidence, helps with mental faculties, thinking, planning and doing.  It also helps with coordination, nerves and opens the mind to make it and your body more active, creating a fully active response rather than a reactive response.

Add yellow into your day and you will reap the benefits.


Yellow crystals blog by Penny Alterskye

Love and Light

Penny Alterskye