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How to Clear Negative Energy at Home By Penny Alterskye

So, what is energy? Everything is made up of energy particles. Human beings are energy, crystals are energy, trees and plants and animals are energy too. I am going to focus on people for now and clearing negative energy.

Surrounding every person is a layer of energy, called their aura. If you were to see the aura (and anyone can with training), you would see the person’s personal energy extended beyond their human form. This energy changes colour and moves throughout the day, growing stronger in places where we need it and pulling closer to the body when our sub-conscious detects a threat.

If one person’s energy brushes off onto another, the person who it brushes off onto, can feel both positive and negative effects of the meeting. If the energy is negative, it needs to be cleared. 

How to remove negative energy from home:

Here are some tips on how to cleanse the energy around you so that it really works for you and keeps you in a better, more balanced state:

Use some sage smudge sticks in your home to cleanse energy. Smudge sticks have been used for many years to remove negative energy and replace it with positive energy. You can either carefully burn a smudge stick from one end or break off pieces and burn them in a suitable container or shell. You then use a feather or your hand to gently brush the smoke around a room or over yourself or crystals, saying a prayer as you do so.

Smudge sticks are used to cleanse the aura, cleanse homes, to remove negativity before meditation or healing, or to cleanse crystals.


Sage Smudge Sticks at Clarity of Sight

If you don’t have smudge sticks, use some sage incense instead.

You can also use tingsas, singing bowls and music to move the energy into a positive state around you.

After cleansing, I suggest adding a black obsidian tumble stone to the 4 corners of your home to keep it protected. I also find adding a black obsidian tumble stone under the bed will clear negative energy away helping you to get a more peaceful sleep.  You can get some information on how to cleanse these crystals from my previous blogs.