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healing crystals to bring positivity blog

Healing Crystals to Bring Positivity By Penny Alterskye

I have been given a few questions lately regarding crystals so I have decided to add these questions into my blogs. As this is the first blog of the year and the best day to start off on a positive note, I have added in the below question: 

I’m trying to view the world in a more positive light and would like to introduce crystals into my life this year. What crystals do you suggest I carry with me to feel a stronger sense of positivity?

Besides being beautiful, crystals are magical little items that help complement our human side with their positive, vibrational energy. They bring us what we need and work to help enhance our souls and our journey in this lifetime. There are three crystals that come straight to mind to be crystals for positivity help with and hold onto positivity. My recommendations are rose quartz, jade and brecciated jasper.

Rose Quartz Rough for Love

Rose quartz is for love, self-esteem and self-appreciation. It helps influence how we are feeling and it balances the heart chakra, which is so important for emotional well-being. 

Jade Feng Shui Ball

Jade is suggested for its ability to help balance both the mind and emotions and to also bring in and maintain a sense of control in life. Once we feel in control, we can accomplish our goals and dreams in a positive way. 

 brecciated red jasper tumble stones

My third choice is brecciated jasper. Brecciated jasper contains both hematite and red jasper and as such, helps ground a person’s energy, as well as promoting a constant flow of contentment, which in turn protects against any external negative energy.  They all bring happiness, peace and love, which are great feelings to help you keep a positive attitude throughout life.

Love and Light, Penny