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Being human and staying strong blog

Being human and staying strong with Spiritual empowerment.

Being human is such that we take on board what other humans think so much that it consumes some and with others, it makes them feel like they don't belong, they do not deserve to be. What is this human condition that make one believe that they are lesser than others. In reverse, what makes one human so exalted by their own self that their ego takes hold of everything they do and makes others turn against them?

Who made man judge and jury?

Oh yes of course, we did. We allowed humans to have power, to possess the qualities that some want, desire, kill for, or die from. Society chooses the rules and people follow, exalted by those in a perceived higher power bracket than them, as set by other human beings. Who made them boss? Oh yes, humans did, we did. What about the person who ridicules us, mocks us, makes us feel inferior and lacking in self worth? Who gave them their power to threaten, mistreat, misuse and and belittle? Ah yes, once more, we did. Peoples words are merely words, whatever language they speak and wherever they come from. Words are sounds brought together for communication. Yet how do those sounds cut and get to our core, our soul. How do these words destroy people, until they are mere fragments of their true self and worth? Who lets this happen?

We do! We believe what others say, even when they are wrong. So what do we do? We stop! We stop believing everyone else and we start to believe ourselves. We know our own true worth, sometimes that truth is buried deep within our subconscious but it is there. We can bring it out and we can allow it to rule our world, our universe, our life. We can choose to not believe another person, to stop, reflect and work out for ourselves what something means to us.

That is the human choice we were given in the first place. The right to choose to believe what we want to, not what another says.

Penny Alterskye Blog Stay true to you

Stand true to yourself, know that people are people and regardless of their status in life, in your company, in your home, in the world, they are still people. Each has their own fears, their owns truth, their own belief and you don't need to believe in the same as them. You need your own truth, your own life, your own journey. Learn, day by day to build up your strength, courage and truth, to build up your worth, your faith and learn to trust and believe in you, for when you do, and you will, you will never let anyone else bring you down.

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