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spiritual protection blog

Spiritual Protection By Penny Alterskye

The question I was most recently asked was "what is the best spiritual protection when reading for yourself or others... or is a daily white light prayer we can say once daily is that enough or should we do protection every reading or every time we connect in."

It is vitally important to protect your spiritual energy when working with spirit but it is also just as important to protect your energy even when you don't work closely with spirit. People are energy and throughout the day, as we go about our human lives, our energy brushes off onto others just as their energy brushes off onto us. It's great if people around you are full of life, positivity and love. Who wouldn't want a share of that energy? But if a person whose energy touches yours, is negative, depressed, sick, going through a lot of stress or emotions, would you really want their energy. Also, if you are feeling any of the above, you wouldn't want anyone else to have to take that on, would you?

Spiritual Protection Blog by Penny Alterskye

People talk about auras. In the easiest terms, an aura is an extension of yourself, but above your body. It is an energy field that completely surrounds you. It is this field that gives off "vibes" to other people and this is what you connect with, when your aura brushes another person's aura. This is an energy touch. You don't need to physically touch their body to connect with their aura as for some the aura can be huge and you could brush past it, even if you are a foot away from the person.

There are many ways to protect your energy, most are a visual exercise where you imagine light surrounding your body, imagine yourself inside a great big cloak that completely covers you, imagine yourself inside a crystal ball or a majestic tree even.  Everyone connects differently with visual items so find one that connects with your personally and make it easy. Don't overcomplicate it. In the spiritual realms, things are not at all complicated, it is human nature to make things more than they are. 

So, decide what imagery works for you and use it first thing each day. Incidentally if you decide to cover yourself in light, use the first colour you think of. You don't need to research colours to come up with the right one, rather choose the first one that pops into your head, or your favourite colour as it is your favourite for a reason.

If you are out and about and suddenly feel you need protection, call upon Archangel Michael and he will be at your side immediately to protect you with his sword and shield. He will never fail you. 

It is enough to guard your energy once a day but sometimes, you may need more protection, or added protection, if you are handling a particularly difficult situation. You can layer on protection too- so you can cover yourself in light, then a cloak, then a dome of crystal.

If you are reading for others, especially from home, it is vitally important to clear other people’s energy from the home afterwards. Here are some of the things I do.

I always tap my cards to release energy from the previous reading. You can also use tingsas to clear energy before and after a reading and to cleanse your crystals!

I suggest that you keep a balance in the room you are reading/healing/teaching from- earth, fire, air and water. Have all four elements covered. Incense or a candle can cover fire, crystals or plants, earth and water can be in your glass. You can also place black obsidian in the four corners of the room, after charging them to keep energy safe and to discharge unwanted energy from the room. 

If you are a Reiki level 2 practitioner, use your reiki symbols in your therapy room/home to keep it safe. Follow a good routine of sage smudging your home. This will clear unwanted negative energy. You can also burn sage over your cards each time you have a client. 

Also, remember to ground yourself, in between readings, have a piece of black tourmaline handy and you can even use this to clear your cards. Also, cut chords with each client when they leave. This can be done by washing your hands to your wrists in cold water or making a conscious brushing of your wrists against each other, or asking the angels to cut the cord for you. You are here to help others, but you are not here to live their lives and carry their burdens. You have your lessons to learn in this lifetime as do they.      

You are welcome to watch my video for more information...