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Usui Reiki Level 1 Training Course With Penny Alterskye


Reiki Level 1 By Penny Alterskye in Milton Keynes

Reiki level 1 is the first course you would need to complete when beginning your Reiki journey. Penny teaches Usui Reiki which is the original Reiki system of healing, that was introduced by Dr Mikao Usui in the 1800's. Reiki is a gentle healing technique that can be used on adults, children, pregnant women, the elderly, animals, and babies.

Reiki is non-invasive, can be given to a person lying down or seated. The participant remains fully clothed but may remove their shoes for comfort. The Reiki energy is drawn through the practitioner, and the recipient’s body will draw the energy to those parts of their body that require it, the practitioner also being treated as he or she gives the treatment. Energy enters through the practitioner’s crown chakra and passes through the upper chakras to their heart and solar plexus chakras and passes out through the arms and hands to the recipient. The process does not drain the practitioner as the Reiki passes through a purified channel that is opened by the attunements.

Course content includes 2 days of training split between in-person and online content.

The online portion consists of a download that you can work though in your own time. The download is emailed to you once you complete your purchase. When you complete your order, please ensure that you have added an email address as you will receive a downloadable link. The download is approximately 2.4GB. This link includes the video content you need to watch before you attend the training date. Please watch the theory video and go through all the slides, so that you fully understand the theory portion of your Reiki training. It is approximately 4 hours long. You can dip in and out of the video in your own time, but it will need to be completed before the practical class.

You will need to complete the online portion, before attending the class. The online segment (approximately 4 hours) covers the theory behind Reiki, including what Reiki is, the 5 etheric principles of Reiki, the history of its development, the fundamentals of healing, the chakra system and its link to the endocrine system in the body, a basic anatomy outline, the physical and etheric bodies, how and when to use Reiki, as well as when not to use Reiki and any contra-indications and much more. There is also a section on grounding, protection and working with people. The in-person training (9 hours) includes an overview of the theory side and any questions you have, a meditation, the attunement process, how to do self-healing and how to work on others (both on a bed and on a chair). It includes the full practical portion so that you are confident with the practice and hand positions used in Reiki when you leave the class.

You will receive a certificate and will also be given case studies to complete to increase your confidence, before advancing to Level 2, should you decide to do so.

I will be available for all support and questions, ongoing, after your training classes. You will always have support on your Reiki journey.

The in-person training class length is 9am until 6pm and takes place at our crystal shop and holistic centre located in Linford Wood Milton Keynes.

Once you receive the video, the course becomes non-refundable.