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Tribal Soul incense White Sage and Palo Santo


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Tribal Soul incense White Sage and Palo Santo

White Sage and Palo Santo together aid purification, while cleansing and clearing energy and adding a layer of protection for spiritual development, meditation and a clear space in which to work. White sage has traditionally been used in purification and healing ceremonies.

It is sacred and is therefore used to cleanse negative energy and negative spirits from a space. It can also be used to bless, cleanse and heal, providing relaxation and a greater concentration.

Palo Santo means "holy wood." It comes from a wild tree that grows in Peru and Ecuador. The leaves, wood and oil of the tree is used to heal the body and soul as well as to clear negative energy and spaces. Palo Santo scent is a sweet, slightly balsamic, herbal scent, add in the earthy scent of sage and they produce a harmonious feeling of peace and balance.

Ethically sourced incense sticks. 15g