Spell Candles


Wax Spell Candles

A pack of 12 small spell candles.

These candles can be used in Wicca and Pagan rituals, the candles are lit and believed to bring protection and used for healing purposes. The different coloured candles are also believed to have different traits.

The black candle can be used to neutralise negative energies.

The green candle can be used to attract, good luck fertility and wealth.

The purple candle can be used for psychic ability, spiritual power and astral travel.

The red candle can be used for love, passion and energy.

The white candle is used for purity and peace.

The yellow candle is used for increasing confidence and structure of thoughts and mental clarity.

Approx Dimensions: H:10.00cm x W:1.00cm x D:1.00cm