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Selenite Small Rough Wands


Selenite Small Rough Wands

These Selenite crystal wands are gorgeous for aura cleanses or healing or even to keep besides your bed to clear and calm the energy in the bedroom. Please remember that selenite is friable so it does not like water. Please do not cleanse in water as it can make the selenite more susceptible to damage.

Selenite is another healing crystal that holds celestial wisdom. It is a wonderful cleansing crystal and also one to connect into the Angelic realms. It is also a crystal that can work on the higher crown and lower crown chakra points. It aids meditation and brings peace and unity. It is also helpful with enhancing personal creativity, clairvoyant communication and dream recall. It is said to clear confusion, stabilise emotions and it allows us to be more flexible in life. It is believed to assist with the regeneration of cells, to be good for the skin, strengthen the spine and to assist with the reversal of the effects of free radicals. It is said to be a lovely crystal for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Selenite is composed of hydrous calcium sulphate. It very soft, registering around a 2 on the mohs hardness rating scale. It can therefore easily be scratched with a fingernail and breaks if dropped.

We have two sizes, which we have labelled as small and medium. The small ones are approximately 7cm in length and approximately 1cm across. As these are natural wands, they will have rough edges and are not smooth or even in width.