Rose Quartz Crystal Wand 8-9 cm


Rose Quartz Crystal Wand with Angled Sides

This is a beautiful rose quartz carved wand with angled sides and a rounded base,which fits perfectly in the hand. Each wand is approximately 8.5-9 cm in length. It is approximately 2.3 cm wide. with 6 facets. The rounded base and point makes it useful for holistic treatments as you can use the wand in two different ways.

Rose Quartz is said to open your heart to love and relieves heartache.It is believed to influence love and relationships,reduce stress,aid the emotions,creating inner peace.It is said to help with the pain of burns and blisters and to lower blood pressure.

Rose Quartz is believed to be one of the best crystals for children, allowing them to believe in themselves. This wand is used to calm the spirit and to create harmony.