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A Reiki Healing Session Milton Keynes


Reiki Healing Session Milton Keynes

Reiki is an ancient Japanese alternative healing method which involves the practitioner placing their hands on or just above the body, thereby re-energising the key chakra points of the body. It will provide healing energy where the body requires it. Some of the benefits that having Reiki brings are: it provides new focus, relaxes, calms and rejuvenates the recipient so that healing can take place in the body. Every healing session is unique as it caters for the clients specific needs.

The above cost is for a 1 hour Reiki healing session in Milton Keynes by Penny Alterskye.

All treatments will be in compliance with relevant and up to date government advice.

Reiki healing treatments take place at our crystal shop and healing centre in 216 Milton Keynes Business Park, Hayley Court, Foxhunter Drive, MK14 6GD.