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Reiki Distance Healing


Reiki Distance Healing By Penny Alterskye

Reiki is an ancient Japanese alternative healing method which involves placing re-energising the key chakra points of the body. It will provide healing energy where the body requires it. Some of the benefits that having Reiki brings are: it provides new focus, relaxes, calms and rejuvenates the recipient so that healing can take place in the body.

This distant Reiki healing can be given to anyone and can be purchased personally or as a healing gift for a friend, provided you have the friend's permission. Reiki healing is never forced on anyone but needs to be accepted and acknowledged by the recipient.

This Reiki attunement is given as healing and is in no way an attunement into Reiki itself.

This healing involves powerful Reiki healing energies and works on all levels- physical, mental and spiritual.

How does it work? You need to order and pay for the Reiki healing online. I will then be in touch to discuss a convenient time when you or the recipient are available to have some time alone and to just relax. I will send the Reiki healing at the agreed time. You may feel the healing energy as it is sent; you may experience tingles, feel extremely relaxed or feel any other energy change or else, nothing at all. All people experience the wonder of Reiki energy differently. What is important to note is that the energy will heal where it needs to and will work to bring your body back into the balance it requires.

Unfortunately healing cannot be sent immediately. I will always try and send it as soon as possible, but it needs to be booked into my diary, as do all my treatments. I will be in touch within 48 hours (weekday) to book your healing date and time in.