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Distant House Energetic Healing Session


Distant House Energetic Healing Session

This is a house/room cleanse healing session that takes place from a distance. I will tune into your home, with distant Reiki and look for any negative energy, blockages, or spirit energy that shouldn't be there.I will work with my Guides and Angels to help clear the space and to help any spirit energy to leave and move towards the light.

I cannot guarantee that all energy will be removed in that one session, but I will aim to  bring balance and a clearer, calmer environment, also helping to cut any energetic chords that are not for your greatest good.

As this session takes place via distance, you do not need to be in the house when I complete the session. I will send you information on anything that was found or removed afterwards.

Before the session starts, I will ask you to sage smudge the environment and to add amethyst and black obsidian crystals in a specific formation. I will confirm this on email and if you do not have the crystals, you can purchase these from us too. They will be cleansed and ready for you to use, when you receive them. Having a salt lamp in the environment that is needing a cleanse will also help. 

Please note: I don't have availability for any new clients this year. I am booking new clients in from January 2024. Once you have placed your order on our website, I will email you date options.