Crystal Reiki Certificate


Crystal Reiki Certificate

Learn how to merge your Reiki skills with Crystal energy and gain a new healing option for your therapy business at our Holistic Centre in Milton Keynes.

You will need to be qualified to a minimum of Usui Reiki Level 2 and to have at least 3 months experience working with the Reiki Level 2 symbols before registering for this class. You will also need to have completed Penny Alterskye' s Beginners Crystal Course, either the in-person 1 day class or part 1 and 2 of the online classes from 2020/2021. 

Your Usui Reiki 2 or Usui Reiki Master Qualification received must be an in-person qualification and not an online one, unless it was taught by Penny Alterskye.

Anyone can register for this class, provided the above criteria are met. I don't need to have taught you Reiki for you to sign up to this class.

This class will include 7 Practical exercises, some using your Reiki symbols from Reiki 2. It will also include information on the best crystals to use in your treatment, various crystal grid layouts, a Crystal Reiki healing initiation, crystal meditations, how to choose and cleanse your crystals for your Crystal Reiki session, completing a Crystal Reiki Treatment on yourself, other people, plants and animals and much more.

Course fee includes the Crystal Reiki attunement, a Crystal Reiki Certificate, manual and Master Quartz Crystal as well as laminated handouts to use in your treatments.

There is 1 case study to complete.

Course runs from 9am until 6pm.