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Apatite Tumble Stones


Apatite Tumbled Crystals

We have blue and green apatite tumblestones in stock. Each stone is approximately 2-3 cm and price is per tumbled apatite stone.

This is an inspirational stone. It works with past lives even though it is attuned to the future. This is a beautiful stone as it helps you to develop your spiritual gifts as well as deepening meditation and working with manifestation. It raises kundalini and helps with self expression.

It reduces irritability and emotional exhaustion and encourages extroversion, stimulates creativity and intelligence and clears confusion. It also helps ease emotional exhaustion. Apatite can be used with other crystals to help facilitate their results.

Blue apatite specifically, helps with the above but also with healthy eating, suppresses the appetite, balances mind, body and spirit and heals bones. It also helps with spiritual guidance and works on communication and the throat chakra. It is a great crystal to carry when doing public speaking.