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Actinolite (witches finger)


Actinolite (witches finger) Tumbled Stone

This is known as an amphibole mineral. Amphibole is a term used to describe a group of inorganic minerals, forming prism or needlelike crystals within their form.

These tumblestones can include rutile, muscovite, feldspar, zircon, mica, calcite, sphalerite, hematite, actinolite, iron, zinnwaldite and magnetite.

Some pieces may have threads of actinolite or rutile clearly visible and these crystals are also known as Hair Of Venus stone.

They are called witches finger due to their odd shape and in their natural form, they often have a double terminated point which resembles, what we would expect a witches finger to look like. They mine they were sourced from, in Zambia is now closed, so these crystals are becoming more rare.

They can help you understand why things happen and they are useful to use when manifesting your desires. They are wonderful in helping with communication- either guiding you to be more diplomatic, or more tactful, depending on what the situation needs. They can also help with navigation, so you arrive safely at your destination. They help with meditation, shamanism and have been known to stretch time.

Each tumblestone is approximately 2-3 cm long. Price is for 1 tumble stone.