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numerology of 2 blog

22022022, what does it mean numerologically and spiritually?

Blog on the numerology of the year 2022

Today has been dubbed as “Twosday”. Today’s date is a palindrome. It can be read the same way backwards and frontwards. It is symmetrical.  It represents universal duality and is a number of balance, partnerships; consider yin and yang, dark and light, day, and night, 2 sides of a coin, male and female, good and evil. Some believe it to have a negative message as it shows duplicity or being 2 faced. In some religions, it is believed to be the division between the soul and God. However, others see it as the coming together with another, through cooperation, relationship, or teamwork.

It is however an intuitive number that protects our instincts and represents co-operation.

As with all numbers, there are some superstitions.  Superstitions relating to the number 2 are:

If 2 people sneeze at the same time, they will receive good luck

If 2 crows fly over the same house, there will be a wedding in the family

If an egg has 2 yolks, there will be a death.

From a numerological point of view, the number 2 means the following:

As a life path number, it represents balance, and routine. As a soul number, it shows that contentment is derived in life through love and harmony. It is about collaboration and peacekeeping, duality, understanding and meaningful relationships.

As an angel number, and as per Doreen Virtue’s book, Angel Numbers 101, the number 2 is a number that states all is well and will continue to be so. Where any number is repeated, it brings heightened meaning and a stronger message to the number.

In astrology, the number 2 is associated with the moon. The moon teaches us to enjoy life. It governs emotions, cycles, moods and also influences relationships.

The number 2 is also more closely related to the feminine energy and is about flexibility and intuition. In tarot, the number 2 reflects the High Priestess card. This card, when read upright, represents intuition, divine feminine, knowledge and the subconscious.

The number 22 is represented by the Fool in Tarot. In its’ upright position, it is a card that is about new beginnings, innocence, as well as freedom and spontaneity. There are also 22 cards in the major arcana.

As a Rune, the number 2 is represented by Hagalaz, which also connects with air and is about transformation and the egg of life. The rune represented by the number 22 is called Fehu and is about wealth and is known as the mother rune.

The number 22 also connects with air and white light, helping to show its connection on the spiritual level, to the energy ascension process.

The number 22 is a Universal Master number. As a master builder number, it helps create and build on a grand scale. If you have the 22 number as your life path number, you are born ahead of your time and will inspire others in life.

In numerology you would also add all the numbers together to form a single digit, which in this case, equates to the number 3. The number 3 energy is about expansiveness, learning through experience in this world and communication. It is a number of growth and is a complete cycle within itself. It is also concerned with duality and moving forwards.

Today is what you make of it. It is a day that can be used to manifest and to create success from knowledge, thereby making dreams come true. The numbers together, draw our attention to unwritten universal meaning and connections. It is a day of magical connections and truth. Use the energy wisely, use it positively, and help keep the day in balance, sending positive vibes to all relationships and people in your life.

Love and Light,


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