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Crystal Starter Pack with Crystal Pendulum


Pendulum Starter Pack

This is a great beginners crystal pack to use when you start your spiritual journey or a new chapter in your journey. It includes amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz and black obsidian crystal tumble stones together with a pendulum.

The crystals can be used as follows: Amethyst to work on spiritual connections, bringing peace and calm; rose quartz to work on your self esteem, love and heart connections; black obsidian for protection and grounding clear quartz to energise and open your crown, increase your clairvoyance and enhance your meditations, creativity and learning potential.

They all come in a little bag. The crystals are cleansed and Reiki charged, ready to work with you on your journey. The packs have either a rose quartz, amethyst or clear quartz pendulum. Please select the pendulum product you would like.

Packs come either in a black bag or a cream bag, stock dependant.