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Natural African Turquoise Tumble Stones


Natural African Turquoise Tumbled Healing Crystals

Main properties of Turquoise are in protecting and healing. This crystal encourages communication and sharing. It is good for nerves, immune system, and asthma and migraine sufferers. It can be used to resuscitate plants and attracts success.  Chakra: Throat.

African turquoise is also called a healing crystal of evolutionary change as it helps bring about whatever change is needed for you to be your own true self, whether it needs to work in your past lives or  the past or future stages of this current lifetime.

Although this is called turquoise due to its colouration and metaphysical properties but it is not true turquoise tumblestone and actually is a form of jasper.

Size of Small is approximately 1-2 cm and medium is approximately 2-3 cm. Price is per tumbled stone.