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Moonology Cards by Yasmin Boland


Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland & Nyx Rowan

Yasmin is an astrologer who fully understands how to understand and work with the phases of the moon to bring positive results into people's lives. Nyx Rowan is the talented illustrator for this deck. This oracle deck follows on from her successful Book, Moonology and is a great tool for anyone who already works with the moon or who would like to learn how to work with the moon to understand and manifest what they desire and need.

The Moonology oracle cards are named after moon phases and positions in the star signs. The cards in this deck help teach their owner about the various moon phases and positions while also answering any questions on life, love and everything else.

Each card teaches about the correlation between the moon position and an area in the reader's life. they include life areas such as goals, love, healing, relationships (friend/family/love), work, finances and success. They also include extra information for the reader to either act on or reflect on.