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Crystal Packs for Women


Crystal Packs for A Woman's Health

I created these crystal healing packs for the various stages in a woman's life. Through research and my own knowledge and experience, the crystals have been carefully and specifically selected to complement each other and their owner during the relevant cycle.

Each pack is filled with beautiful crystals that can help bring balance. Each set come in a bright organza bag with 7 little crystals in each bag. Each crystal has different properties and a different form of help and support.

There are packs for menstruation, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. The prices vary based on the crystals in the packs.

Menstruation crystal pack has been designed to help with cramps and tension. It includes clear quartz, larimar, malachite, pink opal, moonstone, jade, labradorite.

Fertility crystal pack has been designed to help get your reproductive system better prepared for pregnancy and includes a Shiva Lingham tumble stone, thulite, a rose quartz egg, clear quartz, chrysoprase, carnelian and a tektite.

The Pregnancy crystal pack includes clear quartz, rose quartz heart, amethyst, unakite, jade, fluorite and a moonstone.

The Childbirth crystal Pack includes a clear quartz, rose quartz, unakite, jade, larimar, moonstone and a moss agate.

The Menopause crystal pack includes clear quartz, lepidolite, natural citrine, pink opal, carnelian, angelite and a piece of zincite.

The New Mother crystal pack includes snow quartz, rose aura, lepidolite, tigers eye, golden healer quartz, blue howlite and kunzite. 


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