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Chrysoprase Tumble Stones


Chrysoprase Tumbled Crystals

Chrysoprase is a crystal gemstone variety of chalcedony. Chalcedony is a fibrous form of quartz, often containing little amounts of nickel. It's beautiful green colour ranges from a lovely apple-green to a very dark green.

Medium is approximately 2-3 cm and Large is approximately 3-4 cm. The price is for one tumbled stone.

It encourages fidelity as it helps promote the love of truth. It works with the heart and sacral chakras.

Chrysoprase also helps bring peaceful sleep. It helps with fertility and helps reverse infertility caused by infection. It also helps protect against sexually transmitted disease. It also helps calm the body, particularly the stomach and releases blocked emotions from childhood. Facilitates deep meditation, promotes hope and encourages creativity and fidelity in both love and business.