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Angel Healing Session with Penny Alterskye


Angel Healing Session with Penny Alterskye

Penny is an "Angelic Certified Practitioner." She offers a tranquil healing session that invites the energy and love of the Angels to spend an hour with you. During the session, she will talk you through your own personal guided meditation and the powerful Archangels will be invited to join you in healing and love. Their healing light will be channelled through Penny's hands to your body, so that you can rebalance your energy and realign your being to the energy of the Angels. They will give you any messages that you need to hear, throughout the session.

This is an hour long session that takes place in Milton Keynes. Your recorded meditation will be emailed to you afterwards. If additional time is required, a part hour fee can be charged at the time of the healing session. 

Everyone is different and these sessions embrace that uniqueness that guides and drives you forwards. The Angelic healing is powerful in these sessions as you feel the angels step up and really work with you. They teach you to be kind to yourself, to live more in the now and to let go of the past, little by little. For some people, one session works, for others you may need more than one.

You be the judge of what you need as this session is all about you. This is a 1 hour session that takes place in our Milton Keynes crystal shop and holistic centre.   more details will be sent to you once you have placed your order.

Please note that this is not a replacement therapy to medical assistance. This is a complementary therapy which works side by side with any medical treatment you are undertaking.

I cannot promise to cure you but  I can promise to offer you a time out,  a positive energy, a loving environment where you are safe and a time to refocus and to regain the direction you need. The rest is in the hands of the Angels to do what they do best, work with you, spreading love, joy and peace.