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Tourmaline Tumble Stones


Tourmaline Tumbled Healing Crystals

Tourmaline crystal clears, purifies and transforms dense energy into positive energy. It grounds spiritual energy, clears the aura and balances the chakras. Tourmaline helps you to understand yourself and others, promotes self confidence and banishes fear. It is a mental healer, helps treat paranoia and dyslexia. It improves hand/eye coordination and releases tension while balancing yin and yang.

Watermelon tourmaline crystal attracts love in both the material and spiritual world. It disperses emotional pain and cleanses the heart, bringing in love. It helps balance the endocrine system, aids circulation and treats the heart, lungs and skin.

Green tourmaline crystal is a wonderful healer, opening the heart chakra and bringing patience, compassion and tenderness. It is nurturing and brings balance, is rejuvenating and inspiring and promises prosperity and abundance. It helps with claustrophobia, panic, exhaustion, stress and the immune system.

Medium is approximately 1-1.5 cm. Price is per tumbled stone and will be randomly selected across watermelon, pink and green.