Golden Sheen Obsidian Beaded Bracelet


Golden Sheen Obsidian Beaded Bracelet

This is a magical stone, often referenced as the "wizards stone". Obsidian is formed from molten magma which solidifies quickly as it cools, into a form of glass. This structure allows light through. The gold sheen in this obsidian form is due to trapped air bubbles as the magma cools and solidifies.

Gold sheen obsidian helps us face our deepest fears and traumas from their inception. Once we have faced and moved from those fears and traumas can we move forwards in life once more. It also works by removing ego, to bring clarity of thought. As with all obsidians, it is highly protective.

Only when we understand and overcome those issues can we begin to set course on life's golden path. It helps to put the ego at bay so one can think clearly, and objectively. It is made for anyone that is embarking on a journey to figure themselves out, and find their life purpose, while remaining protected from all negative energies.

Golden sheen obsidian also has the full protective properties of black obsidian.

We have two widths for this bracelet 6mm and 8mm.