Ruby in Zoisite Tumble Stones


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Ruby In Zoisite Tumbled Healing Crystals

Tumbled Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite, earthy green coloured crystal with pink and red flecks.

This stone will help you change negative energy into positive which helps reduce or eliminate mood swings. It helps you to create your own true unique self and not be influenced by others.

It helps enhance trust in both yourself and the universe, brings creativity and removes laziness and draining energies. 

Ruby Zoisite it is used on the heart chakra where it helps protect against the loss of heart energy, heals and balances emotions, while creating love emotions. It can also help you express your love to yourself and to others. 

On a healing level, it is said to neutralize excess acid, reducing inflammation. It strengthens the immune system and regenerates cells as well as stimulating fertility and heals any issues with the reproductive organs.

Approximately 2-3 cm. Price is per tumbled stone.