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Rhodochrosite Tumble Stone


Rhodochrosite Tumbled Healing Crystals

This is a beautiful healing crystal to work with you to bring compassion and love, bringing with it a positive energy and attitude. It is a wonderful crystal for help with relationships, working on a deep level with those who feel unloved.

It helps a person to learn life's lessons and understand painful feelings so that we can grow from the experience. It helps clear both the base and solar plexus chakras and gently brings any repressed and painful feelings and memories to the surface so we can deal with them and then release them.

Rhodochrosite also helps with creativity and enhances dreams, reducing depression, bringing in light and encouraging spontaneous actions. It helps with migraines, circulation, respiratory issues, blood pressure, sexual organs, the skin and the thyroid.

Approx size Small is 1.5-2.5cm, Medium is 2-3 cm, Large is 3-4 cm and priced per tumble stone. The Higher grade rhodochrosite tumbled stones are approximately 2-3 cm and are a lighter pink.