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Pink Opal Tumble Stones


Pink Opal Tumbled Crystals

Pink opal tumblestone is also sometimes known as Cherry Opal. Pink Opal generally comes from Peru. Scientifically, opal is created by amorphous hydrated silicon dioxide. Opal contains water in its structure too and some varieties of opal can have up to 20% water. Opal is mainly found in South Australia but pink opal is more commonly found in Peru.

Medium is approximately 2 cm in size.

Small is approximately 1 cm in size.

Large is approximately 3-4 cm

Price is for one pink opal tumbled stone.

This stone works with base and sacral chakras. It helps the user feel centred. It helps with headaches and opening the third eye. It aids tissue renewal, heals blood disorders and assists with menopause.