Optical Calcite Cube


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Optical Calcite Cube Shaped Crystals

These are beautiful little optical calcite cubes that are approximately 1.5-2.5 cm. They are cuboid in shape and not perfectly symmetrical or square. The price listed is per crystal

Calcite is believed to be a great great cleanser and clearer of negativity, creating spiritual growth and reducing negativity. It is said to be a good healing stone as it promotes spiritual growth, stimulates metabolism, works as to detoxify, fortifies bones, teeth and skin and helps with eye problems. It is a stone of new beginnings.

Optical calcite helps a person to acknowledge and release any self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that are preventing them from moving forward. It allows them to align with the spiritual part of their being. This in turn helps them to forgive others and themselves so they can move forward on their life path without resentment. It helps with anger and frustration and how to move past this. It works with the third eye and allows spiritual insight and alignment.