Online Crystal Workshop Part 2 By Penny Alterskye


Online Crystal Workshop Part 2 with Penny Alterskye

This course is the second of a series of crystal workshops. The aim of this course is to be a fun and interactive class. It takes place online and is provided through Zoom. I will be present in person for the full course, teaching and guiding you through the world of crystals. You will receive a chakra crystal set in the post for you to use on this course.  Each subsequent crystal course will include further crystals as you build up your crystal toolkit. You need to have completed the first workshop before signing up for this one.

This class covers the below topics and practicals and is 3 1/2 hours long with a short break midway so participants can leave their computer and stretch their legs.

  • Chakra Crystal Balance Discussion
  • Meditation
  • How to use a Pendulum
  • How to choose your crystals using a pendulum
  • Male and Female quartz and how to use them
  • Balancing Chakras using pendulums, male and female quartz - practical session
  • Difference between natural and man-made crystals
  • Plus More Crystal information

The course takes place via Zoom from 9 am until 12:30 pm. 

Course fee includes a posted Crystal Pack (pendulum, small male and female quartz points) valued at over £10 (including shipping) plus you will receive some emailed course notes. The course fee is non refundable once the crystals have been dispatched. Please see our terms and conditions before purchase. Terms & Conditions

You will receive an emailed Certificate of attendance after you successfully complete this workshop. It will arrive a week after your course.

Please note, the photo shows some of the crystals we will be discussing during this class. You will not receive the crystals in the photograph.