Kwan Yin Wood Statue


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Kwan Yin Wood Statue

Kwan Yin (also known as Guan Yin) was the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. She is described as the Chinese image of beauty.

Her name means 'one who sees and hears the cry from the human world.' She hears our prayers and when asked, she can bring children, protect from sorrow, guide seamen, protect people from their enemies in battle. She is often seen as a guide to people and works within meditations when asked for help.

She is described as the Chinese image of beauty. She was originally seen as male (Avalokiteshvara) until about the 12th century when she took on female form.   Then chose to remain on earth to help bring relief for those suffering rather than enjoying the spoils in heaven. Through great love and sacrifice for people on earth, she then earned her place in heaven.

This beautiful wooden statue is approximately 15 cm tall.